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Have you heard about Block M in Bozeman?? With all the new urban-living homes popping up around town (I am thinking of 5 West, the Talbach House Condominiums, the Wilson Residences, Village Downtown, Nebo Lofts, and Jacobs Crossing), Block M may be getting a bit forgotten, but thankfully it is still there and there is even a home on the market!  Located in the heart of historic downtown it celebrates urban living right here in Big Sky country.  Block M is between East Beall and East Lamme off of North ... read more
One of the most amazing things about living in Bozeman are the mountains we get to wake up to Every.  Single.  Day.  How lucky are we?  Now imagine getting to actually live in the mountains.  The beauty, serenity and peace you get from playing in the mountains gets to be a part of your everyday life.  This may not be a possibility for everyone, but we can all still dream.  Here's a glimpse of five gorgeous mountain homes in and around Bozeman.  Enjoy... 16 COWBOY HEAVEN SPUR... read more
1. EXPECT A FAST MOVING MARKETThe average residential property in Bozeman spend less than 2 months on the market – properties under $350,000 move even faster, roughly 1 month. With Bozeman’s population growth reaching a staggering 4.2 percent in 2016, affordable homes are in high demand and builders are struggling to keep up. It certainly is a sellers’ market in Bozeman and buyers in the under $350,000 price range can expect plenty of competition. If you are buying a home in Bozeman you should be ... read more

7 Reasons For Sale By Owners Don’t Work

Posted by Ashley Salmon on January 09, 2018 in  Bozeman Real Estate  Real Estate News  Sellers
#1. PRICINGThere is a lot of consideration that goes in to setting a home’s listing price. Many FSBO’s set the listing price high with the idea that if the home doesn’t sell they can simply knock the price down as they go, but real estate agents know that a “ballpark” listing price comes at a cost. The longer a home sits on the market, the less appeal it has. Potential buyers will start to wonder what’s wrong with the home and will bring low ball offers, if they offer at all. Sin... read more
When buying your first home it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all.  This can lead to making mistakes or overlooking certain things.  I've broken down the five most common mistakes made by first time home buyers so you can avoid them during your home shopping process.  1.  SPENDING TOO MUCH/NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU CAN AFFORDOften what the bank or mortgage company approve you for is not what you can actually afford.  It's important to realize this difference and only pay what yo... read more