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10 Tips to a Beautifully Designed Bozeman Home!

Posted: January 17, 2018 by Rebekah Holten

Are you in to interior design? What design tricks are being done in many Bozeman homes?  What does the future of Bozeman design hold?  Here are 10 tips to a beautifully designed Bozeman home!


This isn’t something you can change very easily once you have purchased the house, so it is something to be on the lookout for when you are shopping around.  An open floor plan is the way to go.  The kitchen to living room simultaneously blending into one another creates a space that can be enjoyed by multiple individuals doing different things at once. If your home seems to be separated, look at some easier fixes- are there cupboards above obstructing the view from the kitchen to the living room?  Take those off and create an island that looks into the living room. Another way you can connect a space is to integrate the same material (such as the same flooring, paint color or lighting) in both rooms. This creates a familiar connection allowing everything to flow.


Once you have that even flow and lighting throughout your home, look into creating special “zones”. By purchasing a lamp, you can create a special moment for an area that won’t obstruct the overall space.


Being from Bozeman, this is definitely “in”.  While in Florida, you may find white walls and light wood, that just doesn’t have the same feeling and connection here. Off white and dark wood to contrast it creates a modern yet rustic feel that won’t go out of style.


Opt for a square baseboard instead of an ornate one to blend in with the mountain feel while keeping it simple. Painting this baseboard white or staining it, will allow it to stand out from your dark wood floors, while not making your space look overwhelming. Consider painting your baseboard the same color as the windows/ trim to blend everything together.


Whether it is the sliding barn wood door to the bedroom or the reclaimed wood floors, this is a fad that isn’t fading.  If this is looking a little to expensive for you, consider creating a reclaimed wood accent wall.  Get some palettes and stain them, then nail them to the wall and paint the screws to match the color.

Check out this simple, yet elegant piece put together with just a shed and some leftover electrical copper wire!


This is an easy (and FREE) way to decorate your space!  Find some fresh twigs or sticks and lean them against your wall.  Spring in Bozeman is absolutely stunning (as you may have noticed). Get creative about what you could do with some blossoms! In the fall, you can search for sheds with your family.  It gets your family out, and creates a fun and exciting activity for everyone!  If you can’t find any, go to East Main Trading- at the back of the store they sell them for fairly cheap.


If the idea of having a dead animal hanging in your living room doesn't appeal to you, consider doing this modern take on a traditional, mountain cabin home piece.  By painting or staining a shed or scull, you can get a very classy look and new decor item! If you are looking for someone to do it for you, Sandy Burdette with Skull Designs is fairly priced and will do it with anything you have! (Call her at 406-587-5837 or email


Off white furniture looks great with a darker floor (unless you have a black lab, then maybe go for darker upholstery like a dark charcoal grey).  Purchasing neutral colored furniture will not go out of style as quickly as the floral or bright yellow couch. You can also buy pillows to spruce it up, and change it out when you are ready for something new.


A fireplace is a wonderful asset (and selling piece!) for a home.  It embodies mountain winter and is the perfect thing to cozy up next to with a book and tea.  In the summer, leave it open and fill it with books or rocks to create an eye-catching furnishing that is mountain modern!


When making all these changes, keep reselling your house in mind.  Although that may not be the most fun thing to think about, a painted baseboard or door is easy to change, but can also really make a difference in your home.  Also look into changing up the fixtures.  Whether it is the plumbing fixtures (like the faucet) or the tile floor, these changes are easy to replace and also can make your home look very modern!

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